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Child and adolescent nutrition

Child and adolescent nutrition

Results of research carried out in recent years regarding children’s eating habits are worrying. Childhood obesity is a huge problem, while the lack of basic nutrients from children’s daily diet often leads to health problems.
Proper and balanced nutrition in childhood helps to maintain health and ensures that children achieve the expected physical growth and development. At the same time, childhood is a milestone period for the child’s nutritional education and the establishment of healthy eating habits.

Child-infant Obesity
Adolescent obesity
Sports nutrition for children
Nutrition for proper growth
Nutrition education of children and parents

The purpose of this service is:

  • The nutritional education of the child as well as the parents regarding the role of nutrition and healthy eating habits
  • The adoption of correct eating habits such as eating breakfast, eating fruits and vegetables, the variety of foods in the diet, etc.
  • The nutritional assessment and the monitoring of the adequate development of the child
  • The design of a personalized nutrition plan in order to cover the needs in energy and nutrients
  • The treatment of excess weight and obesity